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The Serpent Society Nov. 18th, 2005 @ 11:34 pm
Well here are a few new microes from me...

Serpent Society.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Asp, Black Racer, Coachwhip, Copperhead, Death Adder, King Cobra,
Puff Adder, Rattler, Rock Python

Hope you like

The Madness
I added some..... hehehehe

GRAVITY micros May. 18th, 2005 @ 01:28 am
do you know who is making micros of the new marvel comic "gravity" characters on the french board ?
the guy who co-created them, "Sean McKeever" !!! we have a comic pro aboard !!! ;o)))))))))
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the avengers May. 18th, 2005 @ 12:43 am
the contest rules on the french board don't let us post our entries before the voting date, mostly for people not knowing who done what, I don't like these rules and I asked Dax if he care me posting my entries here and he said "no", so here is my 1st mythical couple for the contest "the avengers" (not these avengers ;) )

Emma Peel & John Steed

my next entry will be a couple of french sci-fi comics called "valerian, spatio-temporal agent" I will do valerian & laureline in 2 versions, first outfit from the '70s and last outfit from the actual albums
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purple worm May. 16th, 2005 @ 05:03 am
in the "request" category, here is a purple worm for aslan c
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latest micros May. 15th, 2005 @ 04:09 am
here are nutmeg & theo, niniri's cats (micromaker from lilguyz)

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Other entries
» crossposting
OK, so I decided to post here my latest micros so you
don't have to go to my LJ to see them (and to be sure to have them on
the archives)

first (galanterie oblige) is my woman as Monic, Phénix, Amazone and Amazone in working outfit

next is my new avatar, me as Dragon, Dompteur, Dompteur in working outfit and DarkRay


then various known heroines from newer to older : e-ther, invisible woman from FF#16, rolling thunder, AoA Phoenix & Stacy X


and lastly the recent templates I've done that you may find usefull : a flying female, a minotaur, 2 muscular giants, 2 straight jackets, a djelaba, 2 chinese dresses & a dragon


here is the naked version of the minotaur
voilà ;)

» my more recent micros
I forgot to say that I have created some sort of gallery on my LJ
just for my latest creations

do you want me to post them here or the link to my LJ is enough ?

Tiger Mask, Tiger Mask II, Tiger Mask III, and Tiger Mask IV.

These are their original costumes in Super Puroresu.  After a few matches in these costumes, each Tiger Mask moved on to a different color and going by a slightly different name.

Tiger Aoi, Tiger Gosai, Tiger Akai, and Tiger Shiroi.

It goes something like this Tiger Mask - Tiger Aoi - Unmasked (Saturo Sayama).  Tiger Mask Generation II - Tiger Gosai - Unmasked (Mitsuharu Misawa).  Tiger Mask Generation III - Tiger Akai - Unmasked (Koji Kanemoto).  Tiger Mask Generation IV - Tiger Shiroi.

Others involved in this little deal are, of course, the rivals, the Black Tigers, then the Tiger, Super Tiger, and Tiger King entered the mix (although all of them are the same person).  Candy Okutsu also adopted the Tiger Mask gimmick in her return from retirement, being the first female Tiger Mask and calling herself Tiger Dream.  She and the compnay she was working for was threatened with lawsuits -- copyright issues -- so she changed the costume and mask and wrestled as Red Lynx before being unmasked.  All of 'em are gonna be made, though.  Except maybe Red Lynx, she depends.

» Generation NeXt
Spawning from some "uniform" talk...

These were entries into a contest a while back, if you would like to see my contest entries for this contest that ran a while back let me know...

The Contest was what if Two Heroes had children, what would their children look like...

here they are for your viewing

» Older re-designs
well, these were made quite a while ago...

Before the Ultimate Heroes that a link was recently posted to..

Just figured I'd might as well show these here too in case you've never seen them before...

I know some of you have seen them before... (I've seen pieces of them in other things ;)


Take a gander and let me know what you think
» Super Puroresu 2k5 Begins!


The first Tiger Mask and his rival, Black Tiger.  That isn't an accurate depiction of Black Tiger's mask, however, it's just a reverse color scheme all around of Tiger Mask.  Tiger Mask's mask is QUITE accurate and is the same mask I used for the other version of the original Tiger Mask I did.  That's where I took some creative freedom.  There are four Tiger Masks, this being the first of the four; the others are prolly gonna follow very soon, and the same with Black Tiger being just reverse colors of the Tiger Masks their rivaling -- EXCEPT Black Tiger IV.  Black Tiger IV is going to debut next month in a match against the fourth generation of Tiger Mask in New Japan Pro-Wrestling.  I'm going to do an accurate mask-to-micro for him.

Tiger Mask is one of the best Junior Heavyweights in Japan, and is something of a legend.  Tiger Mask actually began as a cartoon, an anime, in Japan, and the first Tiger Mask (whose name is escaping me right now) became quite popular.  He ditched the mask, had a few matches under his own name, and then became very anti-pro-wrestling.  Then the second generation Tiger Mask came about, and I forget his name as well.  His stint as Tiger Mask wasn't very long, and neither was the third generation Tiger Mask, Koji Kanemoto's.  The fourth generation Tiger Mask has been Tiger Mask for quite a long time, and has yet to be unmasked; although he had a match or two last year where Jado and Gedo (two heel Junior Heavyweights in Japan) along with Black Liger (Jushin Thunder Liger's heel name) sliced the shit out of Tiger's mask with a nail, while he was wearing it.  It's very rare that you'll see a masked wrestler's mask get torn up, let alone see the wrestler under it do a blade job.  Jushin Liger also recieved the same treatment earlier last year, just before turning heel (or rudo, as they're called in Japan).  Currently, Tiger Mask IV is the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion; IWGP standing for International World Grand Prix, if I recall right.  And I heard that he was looking to unify that belt with the NWA Jr. Heavyweight Title.

Interesting enough, Tiger Mask isn't the only gimmick that got its start as an anime.  Jushin Liger's also was an anime before the wrestler who wears the gimmick started using the gimmick.    Unlike Tiger Mask, however, the guy who wrestles as Jushin has remained the same since the character debuted.  Jushin also almost had to retire in the mid-1990s due to a battle with cancer.  He powerbombed the cancerous cells and not only made a comeback in Japan, but in the US too, wrestling on Monday Nitro for WCW several times before WCW ended their working agreement with New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

As a side note: Two video game characters, Hawk from Sega's Virtua Fighter series, and King from Namco's TEKKEN series also have real-life counterparts.  From what I've heard, Hawk ran with the gimmick, somewhat making it his own and separating himself from the VF games, while I've not heard a single thing about King, and have only seen a few pictures of the guy.

» Alrighty kiddos...
I'm toying around with a new "Micro Group as..." project. Our topic of choice this time is Thundercats.

However, I need your help. Pick a cat. A big one, not a housecat, that you want be. Which tribe are you?! Your choices so far are:

-Tigers (orange or white, YES DAMEYON, I KNOW, but still...orange or white)
-Sabretoothed cats
and, because I'm feeling all funky, Ocelots.

If what you want isn't up there, pick something else, or, if you trust my judgement I'll pick for you. Lemme know!
» Ok.
I'm planning on doing another set of MicroHeroes as something starring us. This time in The Buffyverse. What I need from you is, just one simple word. Good or Bad.


I gave people maintainer status to use the To-Do list only.  If you get an email of any sort that's asking for someone to join the group, please ignore it.  Please stick to using the To-Do list features only, and leave the allowing or disallowing of members to Jae and I.  Anyone caught abusing their maintainer status is subjected to various forms of torture such as but not limited to: whippings, beatings, hadoukens, shoryukens, shungokusatsu, Asai Moonsaults, Running Liger Bombs, Crippler Crossfaces... and listening to me pop every bone in my body.  Just try doing that one for more than a few seconds before you vomit.  heh heh.

We also cleaned up the members list a bit. This is a proactive community, and has been since the get go. We (Jae and I, as well as some of the others I can safely assume) want this to be a heavily active and creative community. Where everyone involved -- members -- post their work and comments. If you have no intention of posting to this community, don't try to join it. We do go and research the journals of the people inquiring about membership, and a lot of people don't use their journals other than to watch this place. You can watch this place without being a member. You can book mark the URL, or you can add it to your friends page -- which is what I advised people on my friends page to do when I created the community because they weren't going to post anything. The atmosphere of this place is intended to be where geekery and creativity cross; we want people that're going to post their micros and comment on other people's with suggestions or critique. That's just how we like it. :D

Cheers kids,

» Why Dameyon Isn't Part of the LilGuyz Group.

It's a fairly simple story.  One that can be summed up in a few simple pictures.  Like these:

The ShapeThe Shape

These might seem familiar to some people, and they might not.  I did these last year oh, around... June of last year.  This is, of course, Michael Myers from the Halloween pictures, and you can CLEARLY tell they're mine, because I'm one of the exceptionally rare few that refer to Michael Myers as The Shape (which is what the characters was credited as being in the original Halloween by John Carpenter.  Now, look at these and tell ME if you don't smell something rather fishy:

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

Right.  I'm all for using parts from other's people's micros.  I do it, I ENCOURAGE it. You don't even gotta tell me you're doing it, I'll know it if I see it.  However, when something is nothing more than a RECOLOR of someone else's work, I tell them that it's a recolor and of whose work it is.  I started out by doing recolors and I told people, each and every time, that I just yanked it from someone and recolored it.  I'm not sure if this guy did that or didn't, that's inconsequential.  What matters to me is that were I to be still part of that group, and had I voiced my discomfort with him using my micro in the way that he has -- changing very little whatsoever -- I would've been harped on by the "moderators" of that group.  And that's why I'm not a part of that group.  My gripe with the guy on a personal level is... he didn't even use the GOOD Shape micro, he used the ass one that I wasn't at all happy with and worked over on for three days here and there to come up with the second one.

I fear what might happen to my Guyver and X-O and The Bride and Metabaron micros that managed to turn up on the French archive page.  That guy always irked me, he kept changing the file names so you couldn't tell who did what.  Feh!

Anyway, end rant.  And JAE!  Heh, the name of the folder I stuck his micros in is the WORD we were speaking of earlier.  SO!  Technically, I only said it SEVEN times! :D  You just have to check the micros's properties to see it!

» The Project project
OK, so here is the most frequent posters/commenters on the group as members of the Project. They are an extreme black ops group. When they are put in the field, the shit has seriously hit the fan.

Blame Jae. He did it first. The bastard. And apologoies to anyone I accidently offend. As as usual, thanks to anyone whose work I may have Frankensteined for these...

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

Squid mindspider was a "failed experiment by an early group under the Project's umbrella. He is the result of various cephalapd DNA spliced with human DNA in an attempt to make the ultimate aquatic soldier. He has tentacles, is elastic to an extent, can change color to match his surroundings, emit bioluminescence, emit an ink cloud underwater, is amphibious, and can manisfest a hard shell covering his back (ala the nautilus), although the last is very tiring and only done when in extreme danger.
Angel of Death seraphic_slayer is the result of an experiment to make a flying assassin. He can fly at extreme speeds, has enhanced eyesight, is slightly stronger and has more endurance than a baseline human, and is an expert shot. He is also mocked by his teammates for his ability to talk to birds.
Sword yep_i_am_dennis has bonded with a mystical blade from another dimension. He holds the sword up high and mutters something in an alien tongue. He then manifests armor, and gains superstrength, durability, and the ability to sense magic. He is an expert with the blade, and has an irrational fear of skulls for some odd reason...
Shogun shogun_d is a mixed bag experiment. He had a semi-photographic memory, which the Project tried to enhance, and also to make it applicable to physical actions he has witnessed (ala Taskmaster). This failed. He ended up with perfetc photographic memory, but wasn't able to duplicate physical actions. Instead, he manifested something...stranger. He is able to somehow "bond" with various computer systems. This allows him to perform any action he views in a video game! He has pretty much gone through every fighting game you can think of, and eagerly awaits more.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

Nolo nolo5000 wears an alien suit of power armor. Well, it wears him. In actuality, it is a scout for an impending alien inc=vasion, though noones knows it is sentient. It copied Nolo's brain patterns and consumed his mind, posing as him. It amasses an encyclopedia-like amount of information on Earth languages and cultures, all the better to conquer later. The armor can fly, is super strong, and has various offensive and defensive weaponry.
Magical Girl Jade Fire jaded_jenni has bonded with an alien bracelet. She as all the abilities of your typical magical girl anime character. Flight, martial arts ability, energy bolts. And is, well, sort of, flighty. And loves puppies and kitties and stuff. Go fig.
Mangler mangler is a feral. He has enhanced strength, agility, and senses. He posesses razor sharp claws and teeth. He doesn't speak much.
Lothos lothos is the team's commando. He is able to teleport between shadows. He is an expert in hand to hand combat, and most firearms.

And, in honor of his joining the group, and posting pretty frequently since doing so, the newest member of the team:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Shark namor_the_first is a more acceptable result of the same experiment that produced the Squid. He is amphibious, has superhuman strength, agility and durability.
» Because I Care About Details.

Doing Super Puroresu showed me something.
I had a cruiserweight (160 - 220lbs)  template and a super heavyweight (300+) template, but I lacked a heavyweight (230 - 280lbs) template.  One that looked good anyway.

So, I made one.  It looks okay to me, but I'm a little... ehh, dunno if it looks exactly right.  I prolly won't change anything about it though.  I put it under the cut because there's three of them, with the others so you can see the size differences.


» Argh.

My work rate doesn't match my imagination.

After doing the MadPowerBomber and the DeadPowerBomber I've been dying to once again step into that mythical world known as Super Puroresu.  So, I'm going to.  What it is, really, is a superhuman/superhero incarnation of professional wrestling.  Cities and other landscapes are the 'ring' and all the insane antics and whatevers that appears in pro-wrestling is right there in the mix and it's all televised and whatnot.  Which makes it kinda funny, because people are cheering these guys on (faces or heels) all the while they're knocking down buildings, clotheslining innocent bystanders, etc., etc.

Anyway, so, of course the MPB and the DPB are there, and there's going to be MANY original characters to come along -- as well as the DPB's stable, which is made up of undead versions of famous people (heh) -- and there's going to be guest stars.  The guest stars are based on actual wrestlers -- either them themselves, or their gimmick or past gimmicks they've had, OR me going nuts with their name alone.  And that's what I'm posting here now: the roster of guest stars that you can expect to see in the upcoming days/weeks/months/whatever.

click to see who's comingCollapse )

» Ultimate Heroes
Just am not sure if you guys have ever seen these, I started basing on a set uniform and the craze just blew up on lilguys a while back...

Never thought so many would decide to follow in my footsteps...

here's the link for you all if you have not seen them


there's ALOT of them, be warned!!
» hmmmmmm
OK, so inspired by the various posts depicting the various members of this group as microheroes of various sorts, I have decided to do my spin. I am going to make the group members of
The Project. Probably as part of a subgroup I have yet to do.

Some have come very easily, but others I am having problems with.

So, here's the deal. Come up with something I can work off of as a core concept. Something simple, an animal, a type of super-hero, a soft drink, something. Just something to get the juices flowing.

I have the follwing: yep_i_am_dennis, seraphic_slayer, jaded_jenni, and shogun_d.

The other default people that have shown up in the other posts of this nature are who I am having problmes with. I have some ideas, but am having problem getting them to work.

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